Router UPS | RADWI


RADWI 12V Router UPS gives back up to 12V devices e.g. Wi-Fi switches, routers, modems, electronic devices, etc. in case of power load shedding or Power generator switching, so you have an uninterrupted internet connection. By virtue of a built-in Li-ion battery, it gives up to five hours of battery backup. And consists of a complete battery management system, e.g. overcharge or over-discharge protection of Li-ion cells and a balanced charging system. We are giving 1-year brand warranty, and it is plug and play device. We are also giving a complimentary 12.6V power adapter to charge battery cells to their full potential and to give better backup time.

Note: It is recommended that you use our given adapter to charge the UPS and power up your 12V router. Make sure to charge the UPS for atleast 4-5hrs when it is delivered, before using your device.

Price: Rs. 4999/-



Video Demonstration