Stikja | RADWI


RADWI Stikja was created to make your life easier and comfortable. With state-of-the-art secure IoT technology, you can now control your metal or wooden door lock from anywhere in the world, with a simple click of a button on your RADWI mobile application.

Stikja is a simple Off-the-shelf gadget that requires no disassembly of your existing Solenoid Electric Lock. Stikja is powered from the power source of the electric lock so no hassle of changing batteries.

State-of-the-Art Security features of Stikja ensure absolute peace of the mind.

Stikja is designed to handle all sorts of splashes and heavy rainfall.

  • Convert your main-gate electric door lock to a Smart door lock with a simple Plug-and-Play Gadget. Now you can control your electric door lock through your smartphone.
  • Control your lock remotely from anywhere in the world through IoT. You only need to connect through your router.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Key Sharing – Guest feature allows you to let your guests access your lock with limited functionality and time.
  • Key logs allow you to see who unlocked your door at what time.
  • Fingerprint add-on allows you to add fingerprint functionality to your lock. (sold separately)
  • 1 year brand warranty with active customer support allows you to be stress-free of your buying choice.

Note: Gate lock not included.

Video Demonstration